How does Socfin manage biodiversity on its concessions?

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Socfin has developed a particularly detailed strategy to protect and improve biodiversity.

This strategy includes:
- total protection of primary forests and areas of high conservation value;
- protection of critical habitats;
- protection of rare, threatened and/or endangered species.

It also includes a commitment to improving biodiversity even within its concessions.

Thus, certain degraded areas (such as river banks) are being replanted and biodiversity conservation areas are being created (voluntary nature reserves); local companies are prohibiting hunting, fishing and the cutting of certain forest species, according to their local conservation status and in light of the IUCN red list. The stems of palm trees are no longer weeded, to allow epiphytes to grow.

This enhancement of biodiversity will also have a positive effect on the balance of pests and reduce the use of biocides, as these biodiversity areas contain habitats for the predators of our pests.

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