What do you do for the inhabitants of neighbouring villages? Do you supply them with water and electricity? Can they use your clinics and schools?

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The company’s policy is to provide its workers with at least housing, water, electricity, access to care in its clinics and basic education for their children.
We are aware that public services are in many cases not very effective in our areas of influence, which are often far from major cities, and that it is our social responsibility to provide certain essential public services.

Thus villagers living near our plantations or residents within our sphere of influence may use our health services for free in emergencies or for a small charge in the case of non-emergency care. Often our clinics are better equipped than those of the State, and supply certain medicines and serums that cannot be found at other medical facilities.

Village children have free access to our schools and benefit from modern facilities and effective teaching materials.

Our subsidiaries abroad are always ready to listen to problems raised by villagers; according to their requests, our subsidiaries build drinking water wells, schools or public places in villages, finance electricity supply infrastructure, maintain access roads, and so on.

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