In 2007, the Socfin Group reinvested in the Democratic Republic of Congo and acquired the Brabanta plantation. On this neglected former plantation, Socfin replanted 6 200 hectares of younger palm groves.

The site of the Mapangu plantations, created by Sir William Lever (Unilever) in 1911, is one of the oldest in the world. Unilever abandoned the plantation in the 1980’s and in the beginning of the 1990s, activities went to a complete stop.

Today, the site has a modern palm oil extraction plant. Socfin is one of the few companies to have made investments on such a scale in the agro-industrial sector in the DRC.

Under the Socfin Group, activity at the plantation has been restarted, significantly increasing industrial palm oil output in the DRC. However, domestic output from smallholdings and industrial palm plantations is not enough to cover demand in this vast country, which imports more than 250 000 tons of palm oil every year.

All oil produced in the DRC is intended exclusively for the domestic market, and in particular for industrial sectors such as food, soap and cosmetics.

This project is set to continue expanding, in both the oil palm and rubber sectors.

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