Okomu, one of Nigeria’s largest plantations, is the number two producer on the national market for palm oil and rubber.

In 1976, the Nigerian government launched a programme for the creation of huge industrial palm plantations. It also created the Okomu plantation in the same year in response to the country’s vegetable oil deficit, and Socfin was asked to take on the running of the Okomu Oil Palm Company.

The privatisation of the plantations implemented in 1990 encouraged the Socfin Group to acquire a majority stake in Okomu. Thanks to these private investments, the plantation acquired modern production equipment and underwent several extensions. In 1998, crop diversification led to the introduction of rubber cultivation.

During the same period, the plantation’s social facilities were renovated: schools, housing, water points, roads, etc. A rubber factory was also constructed. Eager to optimise production while maintaining its focus on the environment, the Okomu plantation embarked on the gradual replanting of its oldest palm groves in 2006.

The Okomu plantation is well aware that its development must be accompanied by the adoption of a sustainable vision. It has therefore embarked on an ISO certification program, leading to the obtaining of ISO 9001:2008 certification for its factory in 2012, ISO 14001 in 2014 and OHSAS 18001 in 2017.

In 2014, Okomu pursued its growth further by both doubling the processing capacity of its oil mill and continuing to replant its oldest palm groves and rubber trees in order to improve productivity.

This replanting policy begun in 2006 has made it possible to:
- increase production volumes every year while preserving the environment;
- bring output closer to the growing level of demand for palm oil on the local market.

It has also provided an opportunity to improve accessibility to remote areas by reconstructing roads both within and outside the plantation.

Okomu is listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

The Okomu plantation is well aware that its development must be accompanied by the adoption of a sustainable vision. It has th…

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