Active in Indonesia since the beginning of the last century, the Socfin Group is a model example for plantation development in the archipelago.

Socfin SA (La Société Financière des Caoutchoucs) was created in Indonesia in 1909. In 1911, the first palm trees were planted in Sungai Liput and Aceh: it was the start of Indonesia’s first palm plantation. The first rubber seedlings were planted in Tana Besih in 1923.

In 1965, the major Indonesian plantations were nationalised. Later, the joint venture signed between Plantation Nord Sumatera (PNS) (60 %) and the Indonesian government (40 %) gave rise to Socfindo (Socfin Indonesia) in 1968. As a result of this partnership, which is a model example of development in the sector, the company was ranked among the top three producers in Indonesia by 1984. In 2001, the government sold most of its shares to PNS.

Socfindo is a model of agro-industrial corporate management in the country, especially in the Northern Sumatra and Aceh region. The plantations have done much to improve the standard of living of the surrounding population, including through:
- skills sharing/enhancement;
- the generation of additional income through the growth of local businesses;
- the provision of various services to the surrounding communities.

Today, Socfindo is still contributing to the development of the knowledge and skills of various players in the oil palm sector in Indonesia, including through participation in conferences, the organisation of training workshops and the publication of technical guides.

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