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The Socfin Group has used Sogescol’s services since 1930.

Since 1930, the Socfin Group has entrusted its subsidiary Sogescol FR, which specialises in the trading of agricultural and tropical raw materials, with the marketing of products from its oil palm and rubber tree plantations.
Sogescol EN focuses on the marketing, sale and export of raw materials, mainly from West Africa and Southeast Asia to destinations all over the world.


Sogescol FR is one of the leading exporters of African natural rubber. It exports and sells all rubber from the Socfin Group’s plantations and factories as well as from other producers with which it has long-standing partnerships. (SoGB, LAC, Socfindo, Okomu, SCC, Safacam, Pakidie, Exat, etc.).
Commercialised rubbers are all homologated by numerous tyre makers, as well as by other rubber processing companies (sealing rubbers, belts, seals, vibration-damping elements for the automotive industry, adhesive industry, industrial equipment, etc.).

Palm oil:

Sogescol FR is also active in the trading of palm oil and its derivatives. In addition, it acts as a commercial agent for the marketing of the Socfin Group’s output in local markets, by giving guidance and advice to producers.

Sogescol FR has always put an emphasis on the quality of its products and of the services it provides to both its African and Asian suppliers and its local and international customers. The aim is to establish sustainable business relationships underpinned by a long-term vision. 

Today, Sogescol FR is a respected organisation in the commodities trade:

  • Nearly a century of experience in the markets;
  • Long-term relationships of trust with producers and consumers;
  • ISO 9001 certified.

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