Indonesia Tsunami Sumatra

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Indonesia Tsunami Sumatra

Indonesia Tsunami Sumatra

The Indonesian tsunami struck off the remote Mentawai islands in western Sumatra on the evening of Monday 25 October 2010. A 7.7 magnitude undersea earthquake triggered the tsunami, waves reached 3 m high and the water swept as far as 600m inland on South Pagai island. The death toll has risen to at least 311 and hundreds are still missing.

Locals were given no indication of the coming wave because an early-warning system put in place after the devastating 2004 tsunami stopped working. However, even a functioning warning system may have been too late for people in the Mentawai islands. The Pagai islands are very close to the epicentre so the waves reached there in just 5 or 10 minutes.

Rescue teams are now finally on the ground and the Indonesian military has also been mobilised, with helicopters bringing much-needed medical supplies and aid for affected villagers.

SOCFINDO plantations located in northern Sumatra were not affected by the tsunami, or by the earthquake.



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