Plantation Socfinaf Ghana in support to Daboase’s students

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Plantation Socfinaf Ghana in support to Daboase’s students

In January 2017 Plantation Socfinaf Ghana (PSG) started a scholarship program to support students from the local community of Daboase. The program will allow 10 local students in need of financial support to complete their education. This project will continue for at least 10 years.

After starting its operations in 2010, PSG – a European owned oil palm and rubber plantation – set up a ‘Social Responsibility Agreement’ together with the Daboase community, on which its operations have an impact. The agreement states that it will support the ‘Senior High School of Daboase’ with $25 000 annually for a continuous period of 10 years. 20% will go to help those in need of financial support to complete their education and the other $20 000 is to be used for infrastructural developments.

10 local students were granted a scholarship in January 2017. The students were primarily chosen by their financial situation, with the scholarship aimed at helping those reach their educational goal, which they would otherwise not be able to achieve. The fund will allow them to pay their tuition fees at the ‘Daboase Senior High School’ until they graduate. Once one of these 10 students has graduated, another student in need of financial aid can be granted a scholarship.
A ‘Social Responsibility Agreement’ has also been set up with the Manso community. This project will start at the end of 2019.
PSG is part of the SOCFIN Group, which manages plantations all over West -and Central Africa, and Southeast Asia. In all of these plantations, the Group supports the local education system. Currently, the Group has an influence in 283 schools, which educates more than 52 000 students.

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