Quality Policy Socfin Group

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Quality Policy Socfin Group

The Socfin Group is committed to a quality assurance approach intended to demonstrate its ability to supply a high-quality product that meets its customers’ requirements and expectations.

To this end, the Socfin Group develops Quality Management Systems for each subsidiary and its supply chains, in accordance with ISO 9001 and the Plan-Do-Check-Act model, in which:

  • the different processes and their interactions are identified;
  • the procedures within processes and the responsibilities of personnel are specified;
  • documentation on continuous improvement of processes is centralised effectively;
  • all employees with an impact on compliance with product requirements are trained so that they thoroughly understand their role and responsibility within the quality approach;
  • quality objectives are identified per process, set and reviewed periodically.

Periodic meetings are held to:

  • regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the management systems;
  • stimulate the process approach strategy and communication about quality;
  • evaluate the results of performance indicators;
  • evaluate the results of audits, nonconformities and corrective actions.

Management reviews are held at the end of each year to evaluate each Quality Management System and the corrective and preventive actions taken to revise the quality policy and objectives, in order to respond satisfactorily to customer requirements and expectations
(including with regard to food safety) at all times.

The Socfin Group undertakes to implement these commitments, publicise them widely and incorporate them into contracts and agreements with its suppliers.

The Socfin Group further undertakes to have its dry rubber production plants and its marketing and export activities certified by a third party according to ISO 9001.

Quality Policy Socfin Group

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