Socfin Press release : SAC

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Socfin Press release : SAC

Socfin regrets the uncorrect and unverified report on the events that took place in Sierra Leone on Tuesday.

  1. The current development project in the Malen chiefdom, is conducted with the full support and approval from Government of Sierra Leone, traditional local leaders and land users.
  2. Compensations for the land lease are paid during public meetings, in compliance with the laws and regulations in force in Sierra Leone. The land users receive all necessary information and are free to participate or not in the project (if they do not wish to give their land, they are free to continue theirs operations).
  3. The Socfin project employs today more than 4 000 Sierra Leoneans staff (workers, technical staff, senior management) and carries out important rural, social and industrial infrastructure in a intensely demanding area. It responds to Sierra Leone demand to improve food self‐sufficiency of the country.
  4. Socfin confirms that to his knowledge that no people were injured during the demonstration which took place early in the week.

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