Socfin: Zero Deforestation policy

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Socfin: Zero Deforestation policy

The Socfin Group is implementing a "Zero Deforestation" policy based on the High Carbon Stock approach

On the 30th of October, 2015, the Socfin Group publicly committed to integrate a "Zero Deforestation" policy in its sustainable development strategy.

As previously announced, the Socfin Group works closely with stakeholders concerned by its activities and has implemented a "Zero Deforestation" policy, based on the HCS (High Carbon Stock) approach.

In October 2016, the Socfin Group will publish an updated version of its public commitments and this updated version will integrate the non-conversion of HCS forests.

To this end, the Socfin Group has adopted a moratorium on the expansion of plantations until the fulfillment of the appropriate HCV-HCS mapping and has established a free, prior and informed consent procedure for the stakeholders (FPIC approach).

The Socfin Group continuously updates all its sustainable development policies to ensure that they comply with the best standards developed (including the OECD-FAO guidance for responsible agricultural supply chains).

Consistent with its commitment to the continuous improvement of its performances, the Socfin Group will monitor the effectiveness of these policies with key stakeholders, and will communicate these results regularly and in full transparency.


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