Société Financière des caoutchoucs : Socfin Cambodia commits to a sustainable management of its rubber plantations in Mondulkiri

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Société Financière des caoutchoucs : Socfin Cambodia commits to a sustainable management of its rubber plantations in Mondulkiri

Phnom Penh, January 9th, 2017

In its Zero Deforestation Commitment published today, SOCFIN in Cambodia describes its determination to be a leading tropical agro-industry company. A few weeks after the Socfin Group published its policy for responsible management, SOCFIN in Cambodia reaffirms the Group's philosophy and guidelines. It commits to manage and develop its rubber plantations in Mondulkiri while protecting the environment, respecting local communities and providing full transparency. SOCFIN in Cambodia is the first rubber plantation to take such an engagement in the Kingdom. Sustainable measures from the start of SOCFIN activities in Cambodia

Since the beginning of its activities in 2008, SOCFIN in Cambodia has always considered fundamental to minimize and mitigate its impact on the environment it works in. From the establishment of the plantations to the current cultivation, the company always strived to implement environmental best practices by - among other actions - developing its plantations following biodiversity assessments conducted by third parties, preserving biodiversity corridors, or protecting indigenous forests and cemeteries.

As stated in the Zero Deforestation Commitment, SOCFIN in Cambodia is also committed to reduce its ecological footprint, by minimizing the emission of greenhouse gases and improving the yield of its plantations.

This commitment follows the guidelines and definitions from respected institutions such as the FAO, the HCS Approach Steering Group and the HCV Resource Network.

Making the communication with the local community a priority

SOCFIN in Cambodia's commitment also includes local community development and support. "We have always believed that surrounding local communities should and must benefit from our presence and share the value created by our activities" specifies Mr Jef Boedt, General Manager of SOCFIN in Cambodia.

Since the beginning of its operations in Mondulkiri, the company has always engaged with the local population and has been committed to respect land tenure rights and the rights of indigenous and local communities throughout all its operations. SOCFIN in Cambodia also contributes to local development by supporting schools, health facilities or maintaining local infrastructures.

"To meet the objectives of this commitment, we need to work hand in hand with all local partners and stakeholders. As the first rubber company to publicly make such a commitment in Cambodia, we strive to be an example to set up good practices in the Kingdom." adds Mr Boedt. The company wants the process to be as transparent as possible and will monitor closely the operational application of the commitment.

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