UNMIL's report on human rights at Liberia Agricultural Company "LAC"

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UNMIL's report on human rights at Liberia Agricultural Company "LAC"

UNMIL's report on human rights at Liberia Agricultural Company "LAC"

On 9 May 2006 the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) forwarded to the Liberia Agricultural Company (LAC) a report entitled “Human Rights in Liberia’s Rubber Plantations: Tapping into the Future”. In the letter transmitting the report, Mr. Adam Abdelmoula, UNMIL’s Deputy Chief of its Human Rights and Protection Section, stated that the report documents “serious human rights violations in Liberia’s rubber plantations, including the Liberian Agricultural Company plantation”.

Only upon receipt of the report did LAC know that UNMIL was investigating alleged human rights violations at its plantation. Second, even though UNMIL never ever discussed any violations of human rights with LAC’s management prior to issuance of its report, UNMIL’s audaciously said that it “welcome the opportunity to discuss with you (LAC) the finding and recommendations made in the report”.

Well, insofar as LAC is concerned, UNMIL’s findings are outright blatant fabrications; at the minimum, some of the findings are excessive exaggerations.

Notwithstanding the falsity of UNMIL’s report and the Liberian government’s apparent decision to ignore it, LAC finds it necessary, for the sake of its business reputation and the credibility of its directors, officers and shareholders, to clarify that report. This is the purpose of the present note.

  1. Introduction
  2. The “findings” of unmil’s report
  3. Exposing the fallacies of unmil’s findings
  4. Sequence of lac’s actions in response to unmil’s report
  5. The roberts international airport meeting of 26 april 2007
  6. Conclusion


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