The Socfin Group, a real motor in applied agricultural research.

The Group has been producing oil palm seeds for over 30 years, and is mainly concentrated in Indonesia, where it experienced a major development breakthrough in the late 90’s: today 20 to 30 million seeds are produced.

The research efforts in the sector of oil palm and the experience gained over multiple decades has helped rank the Group as world leaders in the production of oil palm seeds. Today, the Group's potential seed production amounts to 45 million seeds per year.

This applied research into annual genetic improvements resulting in a constant increase of oilper hectare.

This improvement of oil per hectare is due to both the increase of the number of bunches per hectare and the improved extraction rate.

Once again, oil palm proves its value compared to other oilseeds. Its oil productivity per hectare is 6 to 8 time higher than other oilseeds, thereby decreasing the use of agricultural land needed to support the population.

Along with the improvement in productivity, research has led to advances in the knowledge of plant pathologies, resulting in a resistance against certain diseases such as fusarium, ganoderma etc.

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