Research and Development

The Socfin Group has been investing in research for over 20 years.

For nearly a century, Socfin Group projects in Africa and Asia have involved the development and operation of facilities generating renewable energy and also agricultural research into palm oil and rubber tree.

The company Socfin Green Energy oversees the Group’s green energy production projects, such as:

  • The construction of a hydroelectric dam in Liberia to meet the energy needs of the project and the local population.
  • The use of biomass boilers to produce the heat needed for the palm oil manufacturing process.
  • The installation and use of biomass dryers for drying natural rubber.

Socfin Research, Socfin primarily aims to conduct research and scientific project studies in the field of agriculture, momentarily focusing on both palm oil and rubber. It collaborates with research institutes and with various agricultural universities.

Continued genetic improvement of palm oil is essential to ensure a permanently high performing plant, mainly aimed at “production” and “disease resistance”. In that context, Socfin Research scientifically supports a phytopathology laboratory and a unit for selecting and improving palm seeds at its sister company Camseeds, in Cameroon. The seeds obtained from Camseeds have a direct and positive impact on the profitability and sustainability of the plantations.

Socfin Research collaborates with the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL) on rubber phytosanitary issues. The goal is to improve tree health by limiting (or completely replacing) the use of pesticides and mineral fertilizers.

Socfin Research is also investing in the rejuvenation of rubber tree graft clones, and a dozen clones have already been rejuvenated (in partnership with the University of Ghent, Belgium).

The first cutting tests carried out in Côte d'Ivoire date back to 2012. Today, the aim of this research is to confirm the exceptional production and growth potential of these young plants in comparison with the plant material produced in a traditional manner (grafted with mature graft wood).

Socfin Research assists Socfindo in the start-up of in vitro production by micro-cutting. The comparative trial in Côte d'Ivoire may soon be replicated in Indonesia.

Socfin Research is at the forefront of this applied biotechnology research in rubber production.

Publications sur le sujet :
• 2014 : Industrial propagation by rooted cuttings of mature selected clones of Hevea brasiliensis
• 2014 : Unlocking of the full potential of the rubber tree clones

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