Most of the palm oil produced is sold on local markets for a local consumption.

Since 1930, the Socfin Group commercialize the products of its plantations of oil palm trees and rubber trees, throught its subsidiary Sogescol:

  • Marketing, commercialization and export of its raw materials
  • From West Africa and South-East Asia to the entire world


The Socfin Group is one of the leading exporters of African natural rubber. Its rubber products sold are certified by numerous pneumaticians, as well as by other rubber final transformer (sealing profiles, belts, seals, anti-vibration parts for the automotive industry, adhesives industry, industrial equipments, etc.).

Palm oil

The Socfin Group mainly sells its palm oil production and its derivatives on local markets. The majority of producing countries, especially in Africa, have a deficit of almost 50% regarding their national needs.

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