Sustainable development

Since its beginnings in the early 20th century, the Socfin Group has taken a sustainable approach to the development of its projects.

A Responsible Management policy for the Group was drawn up at the end of 2016 to supplement and replace the Group's sustainable development commitments, formalised in 2012.

On the plantations, specific policies are applied in the areas of environment, health, safety, education and good governance.

In order to ensure long-term good management, the Group's sites are certified with ISO, OHSAS and/or RSPO according to their specific activities and needs.

The concept of sustainable development has always been an integral part of the history of the Socfin Group and it has always paid attention to improving the working conditions of employees as well as the social and environmental aspects of the plantations.

Since its founding, the Group has made every effort to ensure that women and men working on its plantations benefit from improved living and working conditions. It is also working with local partners to promote the long-term development of the surrounding populations.

Every year, the Group invests a significant budget for the maintenance, renovation and creation of social infrastructures and community services: housing, schools, clinics and roads, so that communities can thrive.

Each plantation meets the strictest environmental standards. From the rational use of agricultural inputs, soil management, the use of renewable energies and increased yields through applied agronomic research, the Socfin Group strives to ensure optimal preservation of its environment.

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