Local development

A key player in the development of the areas where it operates, the Socfin Group initiates numerous social projects.

Drawing on its long-standing experience in tropical regions and remote areas, the Socfin Group has endeavoured since its early days to adapt to the local characteristics of countries, regions, ethnic groups, villages and people.

The Group works to establish neighbourly relations with the communities living around its plantations.

Conscious of the changes caused by the introduction of an agro-industrial project in a remote area, the Group runs various projects whose purpose is to involve local populations in this new form of development and in the creation of their region’s economic fabric.

Similarly, because these areas generally lack support, plantation workers and smallholders often turn to the plantation for micro-loans in order to pursue their professional or family plans.

Plantation activities usually result in the development of infrastructure and public services: including roads, the telecom network, schools, health centres and vocational training structures.

An agro-industrial plantation usually brings a huge supply of jobs to the regional market, but also inspires enthusiasm for the creation of smallholdings in the surrounding area which are supported by the Socfin Group.

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