Respect Human Rights

As all the operations have a direct and indirect effect on people, individuals and communities, it is important to the Socfin Group to recognise and respect their rights.

This includes the rights of the local communities inside and adjacent to the concessions, as their livelihood can be affected. This should be done through an open and transparent dialogue.

The Group commits to ensure that the rights of any individual working in the operations falling within the scope of application of this Responsible Management Policy – including employees, subcontractors, temporary workers and migrant workers – are respected according to applicable local, national and international legislation and conventions.

The following key elements, in line with the International Labour Organization conventions, are applicable to the Groups activities:

  1. Child labour is prohibited and appropriate measures are implemented to prevent it;
  2. Forced or bonded labour and human trafficking is prohibited and appropriate measures are implemented to prevent it;
  3. Recruitment practices are transparent and fair, and direct recruitment is encouraged;
  4. The health and safety of workers are protected from any risk that could generate permanent injury, illness or death;
  5. Workers are provided with written employment contracts in a language that they understand, and details of working conditions, including at a minimum: the type of work, the salary and payment conditions, working hours, holidays and other leave, and other benefits of employment;
  6. All workers are paid a decent wage that equals or exceeds the minimum legal wage defined by national standards and legal regulations;
  7. No worker works more than the legal maximum number of hours; overtime is worked on a voluntary basis, and workers have at least one day of rest every seven days;
  8. Workers are protected from any form of discrimination constituting a violation of human rights;
  9. Harassment and abuse are prohibited. Policies and procedures will be implemented to prevent and obtain redress for any act of harassment or abuse, notably sexual;
  10. Workers at all levels have access to remedy system, whether judiciary or through a credible grievance mechanism, without fear of recrimination or dismissal;
  11. Where worker housing is provided, this meets the criteria of hygiene and physical safety, and the conditions of decent housing;
  12. Freedom of Association and the right to collective bargaining is respected. All workers, regardless of rank or job grade, have the right to form and join a trade union or worker organisation of their choice, and to bargain collectively. Where the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining are restricted under law, parallel means of free association and bargaining are made available to the workers.

Key resources on this commitment include: