Socfin, patron of responsible, sustainable and pioneering tropical agriculture.
Since its creation in 1909, the Socfin Group has always been aware of its social and environmental impact in the countries where it operates. Taking into account the evolving development challenges, the Socfin Group is working consistently to improve its activities and become the leader in responsible tropical agriculture.

Our responsible management policy comprises all our commitments to responsible tropical agriculture. Our commitments apply to all operations involving the Group, either through our subsidiaries, plants, plantations, oil mills or even suppliers.

Best management practices, responsible development of our operations, respect for Human Rights and transparency: our commitments ensure that all our activities create value for all, with respect for the environment, in the best social conditions, and contribute to the sustainable and economic development of the host countries.

We are convinced that our responsible management guarantees the sustainability of our activities, to the benefit of our stakeholders and future generations.