We have made strong commitments to meet our ambition to develop responsible tropical agriculture by creating value for all: employees, communities, smallholders, customers, suppliers, partners, and shareholders.

Since the Group’s creation, we have been a pioneer in the sustainable development of the regions where we operate. Indeed, these regions face many socio-economic, health, human and environmental challenges. We have therefore always strived to implement solutions that can improve livelihoods by encouraging tropical, respectful, and transformative agriculture.

Subsequently in 2017, in order to formalize our commitments, we developed a charter called the “Responsible Management Policy” (strengthened in 2022). This policy was developed in collaboration with Earthworm Foundation (EF), and also involved many other internal and external stakeholders and is fully aligned with all elements of the GPSNR policy.

This policy sets out our approach in our three impact areas:

Rural and local development

Improvement of livelihoods of our employees and communities

Natural resource management

Our responsible management policy applies to all our sites, but also to our subcontractors and suppliers.

Furthermore, we have an “Employee and Company Code of Ethics” and a “Supplier Code”, both of which are accompanied by a “Whistleblower policy”.

Since the Group’s creation in 1909, we have always strived to achieve a sound and ethical performance to ensure the company’s sustainability, while improving livelihoods and natural resource management.

With this vision in mind, we have opted for a management approach that is not only responsible but also transformative.

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