37.4 MkWh
Renewable energy produced
Water used in our plants is treated
186 MT
Solid waste is recycled or valorized
43 300 ha
Natural zones are set aside voluntarily for biodiversity (HCV)


In a business that is closely linked to the natural environment, the Socfin Group is committed to preserving the ecosystem balance and protecting the biodiversity, through its commitments and activities.

Since the creation of our Group, environmental protection has been an integral part of our business culture. This commitment is not only reflected in our compliance with the ISO 14001 environmental standard and the RSPO certification process, but also in our Group investments in the Socfin Green Energy and Socfin Research subsidiaries.  

Our environmental protection management practices, which are similar on all plantations, cover each step of our activities:

  • Water: We minimize consumption, preserve water sources and maintain water purity by using lagoons

  • Soil: We limit erosion, maintain and ensure soil fertility by means of rational fertilizing with organic fertilizers

  • Waste: We favor prevention and energy recovery or recycling by means of stringent selective waste sorting in our industrial units

  • Biodiversity: We protect and/or restore potential animal and plant biodiversity zones

  • Ambient air: We prevent and reduce our air emissions, both directly and indirectly

  • Input materials: We reduce chemical use to a strict minimum

  • Energy:  We use energy rationally and produce renewable energy, to the benefit of our projects and local populations

The details of our commitments to and actions for environmental protection are available in our sustainability report (chapter 4).