Rubber tapping schools
Agricultural Family School (AFS)
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Local development

Rubber and oil palm cultivation are efficient ways to encourage long-term local development.

Our Group’s success is the result of strong collaborations and alliances forged with local communities.

Sharing its long experience in tropical and isolated regions, the Socfin Group has always made an effort to adapt to the local conditions of the countries, regions, ethnic groups, villages and people and has initiated various projects in active collaboration with the communities. Our Group’s success is the result of strong collaborations and alliances forged with local communities.

Likewise, aware of the change that the establishment of an agro-industrial project entails in an isolated region, we carry out various projects aimed at integrating the local population groups into this development and creating an economic fabric in their region.

To ensure the implementation of certain projects, we rely on « win-win » partnerships with local organizations and associations. They allow for a synergy of complementary competences around a common development goal. The results of these partnerships are beneficial to all:  

  • Local partnerships: We support local entrepreneurship by working as much as possible with local SME and VSE. Our plantation companies also source from local smallholders and support their development by offering quality plant material, helping them to improve their agricultural practices and guaranteeing purchase of their production at market price

  • Public services and infrastructure: Development of access roads, energy and water supply and telecommunications network

  • Social projects: Construction of school and medical infrastructure, but also, for example, agricultural family schools to educate youngsters in rural professions

  • Dialogue platforms: To ensure a regular and transparent communication fostering good neighborly relations with the surrounding populations, dialogue platforms have been established and facilitate the implementation of community projects.

Group partnerships are based on common and essential values for project success: transparency and mutual respect.