Occupational health and safety

The health and safety of the Socfin Group employees is a top priority for all projects.

Our occupational health and safety management system (OHS) is based on the ISO 45001 and RSPO standards.

Each plantation company develops its own policy, in compliance with certification criteria. This comprises specific commitments related to accident and injury prevention, but also to continuous improvement of occupational health and safety management and performance. One of the specific actions is that each Group site has to establish a competent occupational health and safety committee. Its role is to advise management and recommend rules for accident and occupational illness prevention, but also to organize regular training sessions.

To reinforce the action of these committees, our Group relies on specialized agencies to perform risk analyses of our agricultural, industrial, medical or administrative operations. Based on these external and independent analyses, our Group takes the required organizational measures to prevent all accidents and protect our workers and subcontractors, but also the equipment, populations and the environment.

Our OHS management system also prioritizes training. Our workers are trained upon employment, but also on an on-going basis. In addition, we have developed short and repetitive trainings, called « toolbox meetings », whose intervals and repetition make it possible to maintain the constant vigilance of our workers.

Supervision and regular medical check-ups enable us to inform our employees of the job-related medical risks.

Since its creation, our Group has done its utmost to ensure that the women and men working in the plantations have the best possible living and working conditions.