Today, nearly 51% of Cameroon’s palm oil comes from the Socapalm plantations (La Société Camerounaise des Palmeraies). The future of this company, which is located in remote rural areas, is closely linked to the sustainable development of the local population and the local economic fabric.

In the mid-1960s, the vegetable oil shortage worsened in Cameroon. To address this problem, the government started the creation of large agro-industrial complexes. And so Socapalm was established in 1968.


Cameroon has an abundant supply of raw materials such as palm oil and rubber. It is a country where the agro-industry occupies a prominent place in the industrial sector.

  • Palm oil

For centuries, palm oil – also known as red oil – has been an integral part of the people’s diet in Central Africa, particularly in Cameroon, where it is highly appreciated for its flavor and low cost.

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