Jorge Bom Jesus inaugurates “Agripalma”, producer of 10,000 tons of palm oil annually

STP Press - 13/12/2019

Translated from Portuguese

Text: Ricardo Neto ** Photo: Sao Tome and Principe Government

Sao Tome, Dec 13 (STP-Press) - Sao Tome Prime Minister Jorge Bom Jesus inaugurated Thursday an industrial unit named “Agripalma” in the Cauê district, south of Sao Tome, with production capacity 10,000 tons of palm oil per year on an area of ​​2,100 hectares of palm trees and can absorb more than 850 workers.

Having as its main target the international market, especially Europe and China, the company has a certificate of organic production from the European Union, Switzerland and China, and it is expected that the first export could happen on the 27th of this month. 25 containers with 21 tons of oil each.

"This company will allow Sao Tome and Principe to enter the export map," said Prime Minister Jorge Bom Jesus, stressing that "we need to export more and import less to balance the trade balance that is extremely deficit in terms of exports." .

In addition to acknowledging that the political stability of the country is strongly contributing to the conclusion of this project, Jorge Bom Jesus said that the company will contribute to the economic growth of the country, especially through investment in the social area.

“Today is a historic day for the southern part of the country [district of Cauê], said Jorge Bom Jesus, underlining that“ this project will change life here in the south ”, acknowledging that“ this project certainly implied a vast string of synergies and wills ”.