LAC's donations to communities - Covid-19

The fight against the coronavirus pandemic is undoubtedly a primary concern for most persons and entities. On April 1, 2020, LAC Management, as part of their continuous involvement in this fight and their supportive initiatives to the surrounding communities, embarked on distributing three hundred plastics buckets with faucets, ten bags of 25kg rice, three wheelbarrows, twelve shovels, six diggers, and six axes. Mr. Mathew Yarwoe, Acting Statutory Superintendent of Kpogbarn District #4, received their portion of the items. He expressed his thanks and appreciation to LAC Management on behalf of his community. Mr. J. Morris Saah, HSE/Community Liaison Superintendent, told the recipient, after presenting the items, that LAC Management is committed to identifying with the citizens of Kpogbarn District #4. He also made donations on behalf of LAC Management to other communities around LAC Plantation.