Reconstruction of schools & scholarships at SAC

Socfin Agricultural Company believes in human development and education. Education is one of the sectors that Socfin pays the greatest attention to s it has long term benefits. To assist parents to educate their children, Socfin started paying scholarships for Students who passed the Basic Education Examination (BECE) in 2014 academic year. It has continued to pay both for successful BECE and continued students since then. From 2014 to date, Socfin has assisted 252 students with scholarships amounting to one hundred and two million Leones.

The pictures above show 27 continued students and their parents at the award ceremony today each receiving 500,000 Le towards their school costs for the next year.

- Reconstruction of primary schools in Malen Chiefdom :

Socfin Agricultural Company has over the years undertaken reconstruction and rehabilitation of schools both primary and secondary in its operational areas in Malen Chiefdom. All schools constructed follow the Ministry of Education standards; four classrooms, headmaster’s office and store. 1st picture is the school recently completed in Kotemahn village that will be handed over to the Ministry of Education in September and will fall under the Pujehun District Council.

- United methodist church primary school, Bendu Town - 2nd photo :

United Methodist Primary School, Bendu was totally reconstructed by Socfin. The old school was in a dilapidated condition (near collapse). It has a population of 308 pupils (133 boys and 175 girls) with three approved teachers and one non approved female teacher.

- Pujehun District Council School, Mallay Town - 3rd photo : 

Before the intervention of Socfin, the Pujehun District Council School had only a two dilapidated classroom structure with a population of 112 pupils (53 boys and 59 girls). It now has a good new school with three teachers, one approved and non unapproved teachers

Socfin appeals to the Ministry of Education to provide sufficient qualified teachers for these schools and the new ones currently in construction. Currently the initial cleaning and part of the foundations have started at Basaleh for the new school Socfin is constructing. When the rains have stopped continuation is expected to resume in October.