SAC's Gmelina arborea seedlings for reforestation projects

SAC is committed to its communities and the environment. SAC purchased 3000 Gmelina arborea (melina as commonly known) seedlings which have been transplanted in the nursery using compost soil generated from our waste center. These seedlings will be used in SAC's reforestation projects. The reforestation projects aim to provide wood stock in villages at their request and also to reforest parts of the greenbelts and forests which have been logged. This comes at a time when the HCV (High Conservation Value) taskforce has been created and put in place. The taskforce is a team of 16 community members who are responsible for monitoring holes in the protected forests and now have the mandate to enforce penalties on those caught logging, hunting and setting fires. By-laws which were formulated and approved by each section chief are now enforced with the help of the taskforce. Help us save our trees! #saveourtrees #SAC #reforestation