SAC's solar panels in Sierra Leone

SAC is following its commitment to the environment and is proud to showcase its solar farm as an alternative energy source. The solar farm which was commissioned in June has a capacity of 160kW and is comprised of 585 solar panels.

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SAC repaired 9 vehicles from the Pujehun District Covid-19 Response Team

SAC repairs 9 of the Pujehun District Covid-19 Response Team's vehicles as it continues to support the District and its committment to fight Covid-19. These vehicles will be used by the District for logistics, case management, sensitization and disease surveillance.

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MALOA Disowns Sheka Sama

Guardian SL - 17/03/2020

For the first time in the history of the Malen Affected Land Owners (MALOA) to organized a meeting without the consent and approval of Hon. Sheka Sama in his maternity hometown of Gboyama-Malen means that the latter has progressively losing the popularity he once enjoyed in Sahn-Malen Chiefdom.

The meeting was organized by Mohamed Metzger popularly called ‘Jaggey Boy’ and the Secretary General Daniel Benson Sillah, of MALOA.

The two men have called for peace and tranquility within the association as they surge for the unforeseen future.

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Socfin Begins 2020 with Educational Boom!!

Guardian SL - 23/01/2020

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SAC has met with local communities

The General Manager & Community Liaison Manager have been moving around and have met with 23 of the 52 villages so far in the concession area where Socfin operates. The General Manager, Philip Tonks is speaking to the people about the importance of bringing peace to Malen, about their land, lease agreements, lease payments and changes Socfin is proposing to improve the transparency and that Socfin is lobbying to Government for a bigger share of the lease rents Socfin pays to go to the land owners.

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Sierra Leone

Bien que son territoire soit composé de 57,4% de terres arables, la Sierra Leone n’en cultive actuellement moins de 20%.

La Sierra Leone est classée parmi les derniers de la liste des pays producteurs agroalimentaires. Cette position peu enviable rend le pays – et donc sa population – extrêmement dépendant des importations de produits de première nécessité.


En 2009, le Ministère de l’Agriculture de la Sierra Leone, après avoir visité la plantation de LAC (Socfin) au Libéria, décide de faire appel au Groupe Socfin pour développer un projet sur les terres sierra-léonaises.

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