The main activity of Socfnasia S.A. involves managing a portfolio focused primarily on the operation of almost 55 000 hectares of tropical oil palm and rubber plantations, located in Southeast Asia.


Consolidated data 31/12/2016  
Creation 1972
Capital EUR 25.1 million
Number of shares 19 594 260
Net results EUR 24.9 million
Investments EUR 15 million
Net equity before result allocation EUR 248.3 million
Market price EUR 21.11
Market capitalisation EUR 413.6 million
Dividend paid per share EUR 1.00
Earning per share EUR 1.27
P/E ratio 16.62
Current yield 4.74%
Highest rate EUR 21.70
Lowest rate EUR 15.60
ISIN Code LU0092047413
Summary of the 5 previous years  

Socfinasia S.A. is a Luxembourg company, whose offices are registered at 4 avenue Guillame, L-1650 Luxembourg. It was incorporated on 20 November, 1972 and is listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.


Plantations Coviphama - Socfin KCD - Sethikula - VaranasiSocfindo
Holding PNS LTD
Operating companies Centrages / Immobilière de la Pépinière / Induservices FR / Socfin Green Energy / Socfin Research / Socfinco / Socfinco FR / SodimexSodimex FR / Sogescol FR


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